Fire Alumni Events 

The fastest growing fire community ever formed!


Fire Alumni Events

The Fire Alumni Events continue to motivate and educate future firefighters in the right direction. These events will prepare you, the candidate, to become a firefighter anywhere in the nation. for Fire Departments across the nation.
It has become the fastest growing community that inspires future candidates. Here you can come and learn from the leaders the way to become a firefighter and how to maintain professionalism throughout your career.
Fire Alumni puts you in the same room with Fire Chiefs, Full-Time Firefighters, College Educators, Testing Agencies, Career Development Website Producers and hundreds of Candidates. It achieves this through its events


Are you serious about becoming a professional firefighter or promoting to the next level? If you answered yes, than you are in the best place to make your desires a reality. The Fire Career Zone is your home for all of your recruiting and educational needs. It’s simple and it’s free. By creating your recruiting profile you will be able to maximize your positive exposure to organizations, departments and opportunities!